MILITARY FRATERNITY Better be, than seem!

About the Foundation


The Philosophy of the Foundation

“Melius esse quam videri!”

“Better be than seem!”

The Foundation’s activities aimed at the realization of the potential of active, talented, and educated youth as the most promising resource of Ukrainian society. The goals of the programs and the projects of the Foundation are creating of the conditions for the continuity of generations, transfer knowledge, experience, historical and cultural values, and heritage of the Fatherland to the younger generation.

Establishment of the Foundation is initiated by the reserve officers, who elevate and emphasize the nobility of the military profession by their professionalism.

The main purposes of the Foundation program are:

  • The establishment of the machineries of the military men support, who are retired or resigned, allowing them to pass their professional experience to the young generation;
  • Improving the environmental education; educating competent, intellectually developed youth, patriotic citizen of the state;
  • Cultivating in the younger generation the patriotic feelings, peacefulness, a willingness to defend the interests of his country;
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle aiming at spiritual and physical individual improvement and the health of the nation.
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